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PCIT Training


Basic training in PCIT is most appropriate for clinicians new to the PCIT model.

Dr. Nelson and the UF PCIT Training Team currently offer training as a standard workshop. Participants complete two workshops; the first is a 4-day workshop, the second is a 3-day workshop occurring 3-4 months after the first workshop.  The advantages of the workshop model are that participants can immerse themselves in learning the material in an intensive workshop, and they should be ready to start seeing PCIT cases at the end of the initial 4-day workshop. This training also includes weekly consultation for one year and session reviews.

Trainees must have a master's degree in a mental health/counseling field and be licensed to provide psychotherapy in their state, or receiving clinical supervision from a licensed provider. Please see for full training requirements for certification as a PCIT Therapist.

(Traditional Workshop Format)

Training consists of:

  • A 4-day workshop (32 hours) covering the basics of PCIT, focusing on the 1st phase of treatment, the Child Directed Interaction (CDI)

  • A 3-day workshop (24 hours) scheduled 2-3 months after the initial workshop, reviewing basics of PCIT and CDI, but focusing on the 2nd phase of treatment, the Parent Directed Interaction

Number of trainees: 4-12

Number of trainers: 1 trainer per 4-6 trainees

Location: Florida or agency site

Dates: January/April



  • 56 hours of workshop training

  • PCIT 2011 Treatment Protocol

  • DPICS-IV Clinical Manual

  • DPICS-IV Clinical Workbook
  • Weekly consultation calls (by webinar or phone) for one year
  • Session reviews for up to 6 sessions (4 are required for certification)
  • Additional clinical materials

Trainee/Contracting Agency Responsibilities

  • Travel costs (for trainer or trainees, depending on site)

  • Appropriate PCIT treatment space

  • Time for clinicians to learn and implement PCIT
  • Referrals for treatment (roughly 2-4  cases in 1st year, minimum)
  • If additional consultation or session reviews are desired or needed (beyond those described above) to meet PCIT International Certification Requirements, an additional fee is required to include .
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